Everywhere you look, there are massive projects going up throughout our region. While Windsor itself is always bustling, every year we’re seeing more and more development happening in and around Leamington, throughout Essex, and all the way through into Chatham.

While other parts of Ontario think of the Southwest as quiet farming communities, we know that people and industries are relocating here every day – and they’re coming to stay. From environmental projects to agribusiness to simply more affordable family housing than in Toronto, there are so many reasons to develop southwestern Ontario to meet its incredible potential.

When you’re looking for a lawyer to represent your development project, you’re looking for the best. It’s easy to think that means Bay Street.

Think again.

When you’re looking for legal counsel on your next development project, try shopping local.

This is our community, too.

Even if big city lawyers have done work in the community previously, and they may have visited project sites on occasion, they just do not have those same ties to the region. They don’t know the community inside and out, and while they may be well familiar with your project, they often can’t speak to the greater impact on the region off the cuff without doing extensive further research.

We do our homework too, but we know this community backwards and forwards because it’s our community, too. Will moved his family down to Leamington while he was in law school and he hasn’t looked back since. Our team has extensive experience working and living in various parts of the region, and we know the nuances of each individual community and the impact that development will have on surrounding areas.

We have the network in place to make things happen.

We know that delays are one of the most frustrating parts of the development process. WIth the amount of red tape involved, and all of the organizations that need to work together to make things happen, it’s not unusual to see delays of weeks or months on phases of a project while you’re stuck in limbo, unable to move forward.

Because we live here, we have a fairly well-connected network that we’re not afraid to call on when we need to keep things moving. We’re not afraid to pick up the phone to follow up on a request, or schedule a meeting as necessary. When we call, others pick up the phone, and sometimes a reminder is all it takes to keep things moving forward.

We give you the time and attention that you need.

When you hire a Bay St. lawyer, you know full well going into that retainer that you’re not their only client. In fact, you may be one of dozens of active clients, all of whom are competing for their time. It can be hard not to feel like they’re turning their attention to the highest paying files, and while they’re not ignoring you, it can be easy to feel that that’s exactly what’s happening.

The beauty of being a small, local firm is that we’ll never make you feel like you’re being ignored. When you work with us, you’re our top priority. We’re not delegating the work out to a team of juniors who you’ll never meet face to face. We’re your team, and we pride ourselves on making your development project run smoothly. We’ll never let you feel like you’re just a name on a client list.

We’re just a phone call away.

Have questions? Need help? Stuck on what to do next? Don’t ever hesitate to pick up the phone and give us a call. There are countless issues that can arise as you go through the various stages of the approvals process, and believe me no question is too big or too small for us to stop and chat.

Don’t worry that you’re going to get a whopping bill just from picking up the phone for two minutes. We’ll do our best to be available, and we usually have the knowledge at our fingertips to answer your question quickly. If we don’t, we’ll do our homework, and let you know when we think that we can provide you with a better answer.

Best of all? We won’t break your bank!

Even though development can be an expensive proposition, legal fees shouldn’t be the budget item that makes you sweat. When you’re paying for senior partners with the corner office in a skyscraper, it’s not unusual to feel like your legal fees are eating up a huge chunk of the budget – and just keep expanding.

Hiring a local firm means you’re still getting knowledge and expertise, but at a fraction of the price. We don’t have to worry about paying sky high real estate prices, or hiring hundreds of extra staff. We run our small team right here in the Southwestern Ontario, and while we’re always happy to chat about fees, we’ll make sure that you don’t panic any time you see an invoice.

Our background and experience in construction and development leave us well-positioned to take on your project, and you won’t need to hire Bay St. partners at Bay St. prices to get quality legal support. Contact us today to set up a consultation with our team.