About Us
At Good Law our focus is on the communities that we are proud to serve every single day. We provide counsel to the small business in Wheatley looking to sell to a new owner, or the restaurant in Tilbury ready to hire more staff.

We work with home buyers and sellers throughout the region, but also support larger real estate investments, like the developers looking to grow and develop Leamington for future generations.

We help families directly, by helping them plan their wishes for their estate and create legal wills to help carry out those wishes. We look after the grandparents in Kingsville looking to leave some money to their grandchildren in Toronto, or the parents in Belle River who want to make sure that their child with special needs is well taken care of after they’re gone.

Lastly, we carry out our mediation and dispute resolution practice throughout the region. While disputes happen, they can be even more complex in a close-knit community, and a peaceful resolution is usually in everyone’s best interests. Our mediation work helps parties agree to resolve their differences before spending tens of thousands of dollars (and possibly several years of frustration) on lengthy litigation.

We care about this community because it’s our home, too. As lawyers, we’re honoured to be able to provide trusted, dependable counsel to individuals, families, and businesses throughout the region without them having to search far and wide for good advice. We have Good advice right here – after all, it’s even in our name.

Will Good began Good Law in 2021 after working at law firms throughout Southern Ontario, and serving as in-house counsel for one of the region’s leading construction companies. He brings his skills into every element of his practice along with his honesty, dedication, and commitment to his clients.

Will attended the University of Windsor Faculty of Law, and was called to the bar in Ontario in 2016. Originally a Toronto native, he has been proud to call the Leamington area home, and gives his time to a number of local organizations.